Friday, 5 April 2013

The Coldest Journey App

Available to download now on both iOS and Windows Phone, The Coldest Journey app has been developed to connect you straight to the latest news from the Ice Team in Antarctica.

Featuring detailed maps, live GPS tracking and the latest metereological observations directly from the ice, the app also features photography, video and blog content from the expedition.

Here's what people are saying about the Windows Phone version of The Coldest Journey App:

One very well done app for one awesome journey! Tracking data, photos, blogs, twitter feeds...all in one place; beautifully presented! Works perfectly on my WP7.5 device.
The Coldest Journey iPhone App is also available from the App Store.

Both apps also feature the latest news from Twitter along with a page that tells you all about the expedition, as well as the all important 'donate' button that takes the end-user to a page about Seeing is Believing, a global initiative to help tackle avoidable blindness.

Here are the latest reviews for the iPhone version of the app:

Cool ★★★★★
by Hannahbannana787 - Version 1.1 - May 10, 2013 
Fascinating! Puts the challenge into perspective. -34 degrees. Yikes!

Love it ★★★★★
by Harriet83 - Version 1.1 - Apr 26, 2013 
Good luck guys. Love the app!

Brilliant ★★★★★
by Harry willerbt - Version 1.0 - Apr 26, 2013 
I love this app. The information is clear and immersive. The blog feeds from the ice really make me feel like I'm there! Keep up the good work guys. You can do it! 
Mister ★★★★★
by Kc burger - Version 1.0 - Apr 2, 2013

Great app, brings all the info, pics, data together in one place. Good luck with the journey.
Nice App!

Well crafted ★★★★★
by Saganfan99 - Version 1.0 - Apr 2, 2013

All the right info just where you need it. Works nicely on the big iPhone 5 screen. It would be nice if the photos could auto-rotate and enlarge to use the full screen. Great first release though!

Cool ★★★★★
by Dabawal - Version 1.0 - Mar 19, 2013

Slick App. Makes you feel like you're there, minus the frostbite!

We'll be continuing to update the app as the Ice Train makes it's way across the continent.

For more news about the expedition, or to make a donation to Seeing is Believing, visit »

Download The Coldest Journey App

The Coldest Journey app is available for iPhone & Windows Phone.

Tap (or click) on one of these badges to get yourself connected to the last great remaining polar challenge.

The Android version of The Coldest Journey will be coming soon!

LATEST NEWS :: The map is still available on the Coldest Journey website, but I'm afraid that the app has now been put "on ice".

The Coldest Journey iPhone app was featured in The Guardian's 20 best iPhone and iPad apps this week »

The Coldest Journey app was developed in collaboration with iOS & Android developers The App Chaps.

The Coldest Journey app for Android

The App Chaps are also in the middle of building an Android version of The Coldest Journey app.

If you're a "'droid head" and you'd like us to email you when the app is available for download then pop your email address in this box here:

We promise not to spam you, or use your email address for any nefarious purpose. We're not like that. We're decent chaps.



  1. Still no android app!! Any closer????

  2. Thank you for your comment, Mr (or Ms) Anonymous! You'll be pleased to know that we are getting closer - and I'll post some screengrabs for you later this afternoon. We've been working on an embedded version of the map for The Coldest Journey website, which we've had to get done first. I should create a little sign up form so that we can email you when the Android version is published. Now there's a thought...